Where’s Best To Invest In The UK For Property Investors?

The UK has long been a hotspot for property investment, and recently it’s flourishing more than ever. There are excellent investment opportunities to be had up and down the country. The house prices in London are causing potential investors to turn their attention elsewhere. So, where’s best to invest in the UK for property investors?

  1. Liverpool

As with many cities in the North of England, Liverpool has undergone millions of pounds worth of developments in recent years. This has transformed it into one of the most popular places to buy a property in the country. It even has the fastest growing economy in the UK, meaning that residents benefit from job prospects and opportunities. It’s also set to become a more desirable for families and young professionals, with a masterplan in place to transform a 60-hectare brownfield site into 5 neighbourhoods.

  1. Manchester

Manchester is one of London’s biggest rivals and is often referred to as the “London of the North”. It’s currently the fastest growing city outside of London, with some people choosing the city over a move to the expensive capital. Areas like professional Salford Quays and the hipster Northern Quarter have become central hubs of this dynamic city. Property management Manchester companies are popping up more than ever before due to new developments across the cities. House prices are still incredibly reasonable, particularly for areas just outside of the centre like Fallowfield and Didsbury.

  1. Nottingham

Nottingham is home to a prestigious university, meaning that most of its population is made up of young professionals and young families. It’s a bustling city with great amenities and transport links, which are also regarded as highly affordable. It’s predicted that in the next 10 years, Nottingham property prices will soar by 160{0148144a769307178f044873ff5449dc2f03d337eba318873ee74799bd27957c}. If there was ever a time to invest, now the times to enquire with commercial property management companies.

  1. Glasgow

Glasgow has risen up the ranks as a place to invest in property in the last decade. Surprisingly, a large number of the Glaswegian population is 21-35 year olds. This is good news for property investors as there’s a good ROI with rental prices. Because of the housing crisis Scotland suffered a few years ago, house prices have been slow to rise – which is why there is no better to invest in Glasgow property.

  1. Sheffield

The city of Sheffield is has gandered interest from property investors in the UK and overseas. Demand seems to be outweighing supply in some areas. So, if you can secure a property, you’re one of the lucky ones. It’s a popular area for young professionals and first time buyers, possibly due to its competitively priced homes. Although house prices in Sheffield have risen significantly over the last decade, there are still deals to be had.

Where Will You Invest?

The UK property market is more affluent than ever, meaning there’s no better time to buy than now. Smart investments can be made in the north of the country, with the possibilities of high return on income for anyone looking to rent out their property. Many cities are projected to grow over the next 10 years, as London has seen its prices rocket sky high.