What are the tips and secrets for boosting mobile conversion?

Mobile conversion is just an industry term to describe how e-commerce sites utilize the mobile platform to drive sales to their websites. Many people assume that visiting a site on mobile is only different from using a computer due to the devices involved, but there are technicalities involved behind the scenes.

A review of mobile providers shows that more than a quarter of e-commerce sales are derived from mobile commerce, and the trend is forecasted to be on the rise. This, therefore, means that website owners need to strive to ensure mobile-friendliness of their sites to be able to optimize the increasing market of consumers who access stores and content through their smartphones.

It is essential that your lead generation tactic through Call to Actions (CTA) buttons on your mobile interfaces need to be optimized to lead to more conversions into sales. It is advisable to research on platforms like ReviewsBird.com on customer experiences on how their purchase decisions were affected by user-friendly and responsive mobile app interfaces, or lack thereof.

Find below some tips and secrets for boosting mobile conversion:

Ensure that your Opt-in Campaigns are optimized for mobile browsing

Do not use an opt-in campaign designed for PCs on mobile devices, as this only leads to a poor and scattered presentation that has the potential to produce negative user experiences. By customizing background, font, color, and text, you can create mobile designs that are engaging and interactive across different mobile devices, which then leads to more conversions for your website.

Brevity is key

You need to catch the attention of your audience as soon as possible, so you need to present your content as catchily as possible. Do not include too much information or text that will make your audience switch off in the first slide. Note that mobile screens vary, and even the biggest screens cannot match a PC, so for your mobile interface, make font and images bolder and your CTA buttons easy to find. Remember that a website that users do not find friendly will impact negatively on the brand and professionalism of the company.

Make your interface responsive

Users of mobile phones for browsing are likely going to have less patience for loading pages than users of computers, which means that the responsiveness of your mobile interface might spell the difference between high and low conversion rates.

Make your feedback channels easy to reach

Most people that browse with their phones do so on-the-go, which means that they might not have the time to go through different interfaces looking for customer care contact. If you make your feedback channels highly responsive, you project professionalism and improve the perception of your audience about your brand. You also become credible to the customer, since you will seem to attend promptly to their needs and win their loyalty.

Check intent at check-out

By adding a pop-up to ascertain the intent of a visitor leaving your mobile website, you might get such an individual to reconsider. However, do not make your check-out forms difficult for the customer who does purchase by adding too much unnecessary information.