Trump Takes Credit For The Good Economy. Here’s What Economists Say

Hong Kong’s financial system expanded by 3.9{0148144a769307178f044873ff5449dc2f03d337eba318873ee74799bd27957c} year-on-year in real phrases in the first three quarters of 2017, after growing by 2{0148144a769307178f044873ff5449dc2f03d337eba318873ee74799bd27957c} in 2016. Danske Financial institution Group can supply a big collection of economic and financial news and research. These publications embody quantitative analysis, credit risk analysis, and market and financial strategies. Development of Hong Kong exports is anticipated to reasonable in 2018 amid a better comparison base. Even the variety of gadgets that people purchase can also inform so much a few nation’s financial system and subsequently impact the way in which the foreign money appreciates or depreciates.

Observers argued that the US economic system was “bound to slow down, because at the moment’s technological improvements would not enhance progress to the extent that they had in the past.” Former treasury secretary Larry Summers warned in opposition to “sliding towards ‘secular stagnation’, because the interest rate wanted to carry desired funding in keeping with desired financial savings was beneath zero.” The phrase secular stagnation” was coined in 1938 by the economist, Alvin Hansen.

Because the debut of the scheme, banks in Hong Kong had handled RMB commerce settlement totalling RMB21 trillion as of October 2015, which represented some 70{0148144a769307178f044873ff5449dc2f03d337eba318873ee74799bd27957c} of the world’s complete. Even Brazil, which experienced unfavourable development in 2016, is more likely to exceed the IMF’s forecast of 1.5{0148144a769307178f044873ff5449dc2f03d337eba318873ee74799bd27957c} growth in 2018. In the third quarter of 2017, Hong Kong’s economic growth expanded by 3.6{0148144a769307178f044873ff5449dc2f03d337eba318873ee74799bd27957c} year-on-year in real phrases.

In any case, the message of a Greek “economic success” story implies, and in distinction to all the things recognized to this point about economic actuality, or what Syriza government officials were professing themselves until fairly not too long ago, that austerity and the brutal experiment undertaken on the part of European authorities to convert Greece into a neoliberal laboratory are finally paying off; thanks in large part to the federal government of Alexis Tsipras in enforcing to the fullest doable extent policies equivalent to blanket privatisation of state-owned property, sharp cuts in wages and pensions, draconian reductions in public spending, and unrestrained labor market flexibility.

On the enhancement of bilateral ties, the Government will actively seek to signal free commerce agreements (FTAs), investment promotion and protection agreements (IPPAs) and complete avoidance of double taxation agreements (DTAs) with other economies to open up markets and to additional strengthen Hong Kong’s place as a world commerce, business and financial centre.