Things to Consider before Buying a Corporate Gift

It is not easy to find the gift or gifts that will delight our families when we are supposed to know their desires. Find the “good” gift to meet or even better mark the memories, seems to be a mission more difficult.

So much it is necessary both to identify the expectations while aiming at the first objective (commercial): to thank, to retain his customers, provide incentive to his teams while distinguishing himself.

Without a bad word, finding the right business gift is no easy task! Here are the 6 questions to ask yourself when choosing the right business gift:

Whom to Gift?

In every business relationship, communication, feeling and affect play a vital role in the understanding of the speaker. Even today, contracts are concluded around a table, on a golf course. The human factor remains the key. Understanding who your contact is will help you choose the right gift. Quality custom t-shirts can be a good idea.

What does it Offer?

Is it to: retain, motivate, thank or to stand out from the competitors? A gift for a customer will not necessarily be the same as the one you reserve for your employees. Young recruits, employees who have been with you for years, or those who are about to retire may not have the same interests. What reactions do you want to trigger? If you want to be professional as well as want your gift to be of regular use, you can gift sleek notebooks.

What is my Budget?

Once again, everything will depend on your target and your means. The choice is vast, and brands that have a business gift service offer original collections, quality, at all prices and especially for all tastes. Gifts can be high-end, fun, high-tech, offbeat or eco-friendly.

How to Maximize the Impact?

A gift must remain a surprise and surprise you, stand out! Choose to offer the gift at a time when the recipient does not expect it. Give a gift he does not expect. Opt for dematerialized, innovative, offbeat, greedy gifts, wellness-related gifts, or personalized gifts.

Do I Offer a Gift “Made in France” or Not?

It all depends on your target. A gift is also a dream moment. So if you’re giving a gift to a foreign customer, put your imagination to France.

If your customer is Chinese, the “made in France” is the right choice; on the other hand, it will be necessary to avoid certain products of the soil prohibited from entry on the territory. Know in passing, that the gifts often stay in shop windows, and will never be consumed.

Do I Personalize the Gift I Will Offer?

Yes, if it is a daily and mid-range gift, such as a key ring or a pen on which you can engrave your brand logo.

No, if it is a luxurious gift of a brand for which it is difficult to put forward another logo. The best solution would be, in this case, to find a manufacturer who can make a discrete impression on the object, without distorting it.