Payeer News 2021

In the way of discovering and entering the electronic world, the popularity of electronic wallets increased among people especially in recent years. Shortly to say, e-wallets are allowing users to make payments between so many different systems and platforms. These services are very famous especially among online gamblers or small businesses. In this case, Payeer as one of e-wallets platforms, counts as one of the most secure and quick services in this sphere that made us write about it in this short article and speak about the latest updates from this service.


As mentioned above, Payeer is an electronic wallet that has become more famous among customers. Shortly to say, Payeer offers to open a free account and start to exchange and send funds from this account to any other platforms that accept Payeer. So users will know in which systems they can use Payeer as a payment platform, then connect the website to their Payeer account and make transactions. Also customers can fill up their account and withdraw their money from it with different international methods. Payeer accepts and provides all services with more than 10 different currencies and also provides physical credit cards for ease of users. Should be noted that Payeer with a special app for online users that is available in both Android and iOs platforms, made life easier for its users; With this app customers can have Multi Currency accounts, make payments and transactions and they will not need to use any password to access their account.

Latest Updates from Payeer

Definitely, Payeer needs to make new updates and offer new features for the customers so they can be still in the top of the list of e-wallets and stay in competition with other services in this sphere. In this term, Payeer not just improved the security of their online platform and made easier and simpler access for users, also as one of the new updates that will be improved in 2021, Payeer offers Accepting fiat and Cryptocurrencies. In this case, there are not just different currencies available with this platform but today customers can have access to cryptocurrencies and make transactions with it. Also from Payeer special app, users have access to cryptocurrencies exchange too. Another special feature from Payeer in 2021, is about adding Crypto acquiring for individuals and business accounts; It allows users to convert the cryptocurrencies to USD,EUR and RUB, at the best rates and without any fees.  Read more in Payeer review.


Surly, Payeer is one of the most secure and easy to use e-wallets among online users and gambllers. Especially with new updates of this service, adding cryptocurrencies to services and making it easy to use and convert for customers, Payeer still can stay in competition with other platforms in this sphere and be one of the top in this list.