How to Treat the Most Effective Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a disease that can cause a dramatic decline in one’s memory. Diseases that usually attack the elderly are very unwanted by everyone. Because the condition of Alzheimer’s patients will become increasingly severe followed by the shrinking of the patient’s brain. Then how do you treat Alzheimer’s?

Tips for Treating Alzheimer’s

Here are some ways that Alzheimer’s sufferers can do:

Take medication according to your doctor’s prescription

To treat Alzheimer’s disease, the first thing to do is to take drugs that have been prescribed by a doctor. Some recipes are commonly given by doctors such as rivastigmine, donepezil, memantine, and galantamine. These drugs are medically judged to be able to relieve Alzheimer’s symptoms by increasing levels of certain substances in the brain. The four drugs can also be consumed to treat Alzheimer’s at the initial to intermediate level. These drugs are also a drug group of acetylcholinesterase inhibitors that are able to prevent a decrease in the neurotransmitter acetylcholine or substances that can strengthen learning abilities and memory.

Some expert doctors may recommend the medical marijuana which is currently believed to cure Alzheimer’s disease. The cannabis can be found in licensed producers Canada. But the user must be with the doctor’s instructions.

Do psychological treatment

The next treatment is in addition to taking prescription drugs, sufferers can also do psychological treatments to treat Alzheimer’s. There are 2 kinds of psychological treatments that can be done:

  • Cognitive stimulation: this method is a treatment that aims to improve the patient’s memory, improve communication and improve the ability to solve problems.
  • Relaxation and cognitive behavioral therapy: the aim of this method is to reduce the presence of hallucinations, agitation, delusions, anxiety problems, and depression felt by Alzheimer’s sufferers.

Do music therapy

Music is considered capable of increasing the quality of life and helping Alzheimer’s sufferers so that they have better social behavior. Research reveals that agitated behavior in Alzheimer’s patients can be done by doing music therapy. Music is believed to have the ability to influence someone’s emotions and can also help express what is in his heart. But it is still within certain limits so as not to lose control. There are still many studies that reveal the effects of music on Alzheimer’s patients and not a few of them have a positive impact after doing this therapy. Although music therapy has not been claimed to be able to heal completely, it has been proven that music can improve the condition of patient awareness both physically and socially.

Therapy by stimulating the brain

Previously it was explained that Alzheimer’s is usually treated with prescription drugs given by doctors. However, drugs that are consumed will only reduce symptoms only and in limited time because they only affect chemically in cells to give their message to brain cells. On the other hand, stem cells in the body have regeneration ability. In general, cells in the body will be produced by stem cells that come from the organs that are connected. It’s just that cells can also be produced by stem cells from other organs. Stem cells can be found in the brain, blood, bones, skin, blood vessels and also the liver.

Neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s can be treated by doing cell therapy from the baby’s placenta. This treatment has been done in the United States by stimulating brain cells through the oral and substances injected into the body. In addition to stem cells can also be done with cells in patients with joints. Stem cells can be extracted from the placenta or neurons mixed with brain neuropeptide, neurotrophins, never cell factor and also the vascular endothelial growth factor that will be injected so that it can cross the blood barrier to the brain or can be injected through the spinal canal or spinal cord and also central nervous system.