Accountant in Jerusalem

All entrepreneurs know that accountants are indispensable workers for any facility. Accounting service is necessary for standing business progress. Accountants follow the changes in the financial condition of the company, explore innovations in the taxation policy, and identify ways to increase your profits. Accounting service is popular all over the world, and Israel is not an exception. Moreover, a professional accountant in Israel is worth his/her weight in gold because of the quite complicated and strict local tax system. So, your first step towards a successful business in Jerusalem is finding a reliable and experienced accountant in Jerusalem.

In fact, the accountancy profession is very popular in Israel. Thus, there is a special accounting organization – C.P.A., which means The Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel. C.P.A. in Israel is a voluntary authority, which is factually an association of licensed accountants of Israel. Nowadays, more than 12 thousand local specialists are members of this institute.

Every entrepreneur who invests in facility development wants to secure the service and finances. Additionally, it is obvious that those who start running the business want to earn money, and an increase in profits is impossible without a qualified specialist.

The most popular accounting services, which are necessary for all facilities, are:

  • Accounting system support
  • Financial audit and maintenance
  • Tax consulting service
  • Keeping a payroll
  • Working with loans for business advancement
  • Monthly and annual financial reports
  • Financial software elaboration and support

In addition, there is a division into three main directions of accounting services:

  • Working with small business (esek patur)
  • Working with entrepreneurs (esek murshe)
  • Working with large companies (hevra baam)

Due to the large taxes in Israel, it is reasonable to select the form of your business and the financial system in accordance with the peculiarities of the local tax law. Consider capital tax, income tax, and dividend tax during making preparations for the business.