5 Tips on Painting Dark House Walls but Still Elegant

Dark colors do look stunning if applied correctly. You must know the tips to paint the walls of the house below. Let it be dark but still elegant. Not just color, but the case here is dark. Some people choose not to use dark colors because they can impress a narrow size and grim appearance. It must be horrifying!

As a result, most people choose bright paint colors so the house looks cool and unsightly. In fact, through tips on painting the right house wall, the dark color can look beautiful. No doubt, you can still carry an elegant feel even though the color of the wall paint is dark. Then after knowing these tips, you just need to hire the best paint service for your home at malerkanonen.dk.

Curious, how to paint the walls of a house with dark colors but still elegant? Check out the row of tips below.

Apply Gradation

Start by using gradations of light to dark colors from the entrance to the room in the house. In fact, this method is good for giving a subtle impression on moving from room to room. So when you enter the house, you will not be surprised by the nuances of dark wall paint. Especially if it’s still bright out there. Adjust the transition in the house as smooth as possible based on the color of the wall paint.

Good lighting

When choosing the color of paint in the house, it is important for us to adjust to natural light. If you have a small, dark, dull room, bright color walls basically don’t create a light, on the contrary. When the room in the house seems to lack light, it is better to use really strong colors to increase the depth of the room. Then, decorate with lighter elements to make it friendly. Can add with lights, but do not make it as the main lighting tool.

Add Accents and Decoration

To make the dark walls look more colorful, add accents and beautiful decoration. This is one of the many tips to paint the walls of a house that not only applies to dark colors but also other types. In fact, powerful accents and cute decorations make the eyes not overly focused on the color of the wall paint. So, you can still carry the beautiful and elegant elements in the house.

Determine the Size of the Room

It is better to paint the walls in a narrow room with a dark color. Why does it have to be a narrow room? Actually, dark colors such as grayish-black, it will disguise the corner of the wall. It made an infinite beautiful illusion in the room. Yes, as if there is no curb angle. But the point is, you don’t need to think about the size of the room. Small or large, all the same through a touch of dark paint.

Choose the Right Color

One more thing that is also important, from the many dark colors, make sure you choose the most appropriate. One example is the glossy black color. Because the type of color can highlight the elements of elegance and ultimate luxury. After that, make sure to set the complementary color combination that can make the walls of the house more beautiful. One recommendation is red lipstick.