How Employment Agencies Toronto May Use Your Social Media Before Hiring You

What percent of employment agencies Toronto go to your social media accounts before giving you that job you have been looking for? Probably this is a question many job seekers have been asking. When you start your job hunt, many people will advise you to clean the mess in your social media accounts. At this point, you might delete all the ill-advised posts on your facebook wall or even untag yourself from those unwelcoming friends your friends tagged you on.

You might be overwhelmed why all this is necessary. Do employees really check these social media accounts? Well, you will be surprised to know the number of employment agencies that peak your social media accounts. According to a study conducted recently, over 70{0148144a769307178f044873ff5449dc2f03d337eba318873ee74799bd27957c} of employment companies look at our social media accounts to screen applicants before recruiting them. Have a peek here.

  1. Social Media Checks Increase

According to 2017 report by the Business News Daily, 70{0148144a769307178f044873ff5449dc2f03d337eba318873ee74799bd27957c} of employers go to social media of the prospective applicants as part of the screening process. This is an increase of 10{0148144a769307178f044873ff5449dc2f03d337eba318873ee74799bd27957c} compared to those who looked at social accounts in 2016.

This phenomenon was unheard in back in 2006, where only 11{0148144a769307178f044873ff5449dc2f03d337eba318873ee74799bd27957c} of the employers looked at social media accounts for job applicants. Remember that, this was even before Twitter and Instagram existed.

Nowadays, things are quite different. Some employers even tell applicants to apply via social media such as LinkedIn.

  1. Why Do Employers Look at Your Social Media?

There are myriad of reasons why employers go to your social media profiles. First, most employment agencies Toronto utilise social media themselves for outsourcing their candidates. For instance, sending your application via LinkedIn is quick and straightforward, and aids the employer in reaching a wide range of potential candidates.

Secondly, social media forms a significant part of most jobs nowadays. For instance, if your expertise is in sales or marketing, the company may require you to come up with your brand online, in addition to managing the company’s social accounts. So, a job agency Toronto checking your profile may be wanting to know how social media savvy you are.

  1. Checking for Poor Behaviour

This is perhaps the most popular reason why potential employers look at your social media accounts. They want to know if you have engaged in some unacceptable behaviours. Employment agencies Toronto usually warns candidates against posting unprofessional posts or pictures on their social accounts.

  1. Should You Get Worried?

There is no point to get worried if your social media accounts are clean. Clean in that there are not unprofessional posts or images. However, it is your responsibility to clean up your account before your potential employer lands on it. since most employers look at your social media accounts, ensure you show your best self in such media platforms.