Benefits of Buying Tires at Southport Budget Tyres for Your SUV

The Sport-Utility Vehicle or what we usually hear with SUVs is a vehicle with a light truck frame, but still comfortable to use as a passenger car. Some SUVs are produced by having 4-wheel drive power to be strong in bulldozing all terrain.

Because it has features to bulldoze all terrain, an SUV vehicle also has a specially designed tire to bulldoze all obstacles that exist in off-road terrain and remain comfortable to use on city streets.

Southport Budget Tyres as one of the tire manufacturers, has a variety of series and types of tires that are suitable to be paired on your SUV vehicle. To find a suitable SUV tire, you can follow the tire picking guide below.

Choose Tires According to Road Conditions

When choosing the tire that you want to buy, you must pay attention to the suitability of tire usage with road conditions. The selection of tires that are not in accordance with road conditions will cause tire performance to not be optimal.

For information, the tread of the tire is designed in such a way as to suit the conditions of use and road conditions. There are several types of tire treads, including rib, lug, or mix. Bridgestone tires themselves have flagship products for SUVs, namely DUELER.

There are several types of DUELER including A / T which is a tire that is designed for all fields (On / Off). DUELER H / T, H / L, HP which is a tire designed for the road On. Whereas DUELER M / T is a tire designed for roads OFF.

Pay attention to the tire rating Ply that you use

Ply is a wire layer on the tire. Each tire size has its own Ply Rating. This Ply Rating is one that determines the ability of a tire and the compatibility of a tire in the Unit. This Ply Rating also determines the tire’s ability to withstand loads.

Information about the load limits that can be accommodated by tires (Load Index) can be seen on each tire. Load index is a numeric code that shows the maximum loading capacity at a certain speed, according to the tire specifications of each manufacturer.

Through as the official tire purchase service online at the budget tyres south port, you will get a choice of tires that are suitable for your usage conditions.

How do you find the right tire for your SUV?

When you buy a Bridgestone car tire at, you get the convenience of getting the right tire recommendations for your SUV vehicle. You can only see the OE Fitments list, then the tire recommendations that are appropriate for your vehicle will appear.

With the help of a model store as an official Bridgestone network, your tires will be installed by trained experts and supported by the latest range of equipment so that you will get the highest quality bridgestone tires.